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Michelle Griffiths


I started my career in Manchester working within an agency where I coordinated models, photoshoots, stylists,  set designers and technicians for mainly the fashion world.  From here I headed to Central London where I worked as a finder for talent within the fashion and music industries and it was this work that informed my understanding of people, creativity and attention to detail.


Throughout my adult life I've travelled gaining an understanding of cultures, landscapes and people, in 2005 I began a full time degree in  Ethnobotany, investigating plants used by societies in various parts of the world.  It's perfectly natural for me to now use plants to help tell peoples stories, evoke emotions, connect people to their living environments and bring delight, who doesn't love a hand picked posy?  I'm very grateful to work with such a wonderful medium and share this part of Cornwall with a wider audience..


I live in South East Cornwall with my husband, two girls and a Red Fox called Edith. Forage Artist began in 2016 when my children were small and I rambled and ambled around wanting to share these natural pickings with others.  We are now a small team dedicated to sharing people's stories and creating unique keepsakes through foraged and grown flowers, feathers and foliage.


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