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Inspiration comes from nature's details and the landscape we call home; the South East Cornish coast, known as Cornwall’s forgotten corner.  There are rugged beaches, rolling green fields, lively woodlands, and bursting hedgerows and it is in these spaces where our wanderings begin.  Slate-grey skies, shimmering summer mornings and wet murky afternoons all offer opportunities to gather and wonder and nature ramble.  Our work is a reminder of the season and all that has been.   Connecting to the wild edges we forage for flowers, feathers and foliage and use these to weave stories and meaning into handcrafted gifts and pieces to be shared, celebrated and remembered.  


All our work comes from flora or feathers that would otherwise have been reclaimed back to nature's cycles.  We aim to re-use where we can and be mindful about where we collect from taking only what's needed and respecting nature, leaving little to no trace behind. 

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